Data Recording

Testing Diagram

Applications of Downhole Seismic Logging:

  • Earthquake site response modeling
  • Foundation design for dynamic (vibratory) loads
  • Enhancement and quality control of surface seismic interpretations

Applications of Seismic Reflection:

  • Depth to bedrock
  • Depth to water table
  • Fault location
  • Mapping buried stream channels
  • Other irregular bedrock topography

Seismograph McSeis 170f

Resistivity Meter
Model McOHM-21


Resistivity Meter
Model McOHM-21

resistivity sections

Applications of Resistivity Profiling:

  • Map faults
  • Map lateral extent of conductive contaminant plumes
  • Locate voids and karsts
  • Map heavy metals soil contamination
  • Delineate disposal areas
  • Mapping of Cavities & Sinkholes
  • Explore for sand and gravel
  • Mapping of Boulders

Applications of Seismic Refraction:

  • Map bedrock topography
  • Map faults in bedrock
  • Estimate depth to groundwater
  • Estimate bedrock rippability
  • Evaluate rock properties


Data Processing Result